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Sometimes it is Hard But You Just Have to Do It!

Yesterday I decided to ride my bike to work as part of my recovery day. It was a really enjoyable commute with good temps and lovely views through Valley Forge National Historical Park. It was not, however, very restful for my legs.

Come this morning and I was intending to run a ten miler but my legs felt like lead. There was no bounce in my calves at all and my thighs were barely swinging. So, I shortened the route slightly and took a new road which ran past some very scenic farms.

I think, perhaps, I should have rested more on my rest day rather than cross trained. Oh, well.

Today’s run was a moderately hilly 7.6 miles with a pace of 8:19. It was also warm and quite humid.

Sometimes you just have to run even when your legs won’t move. Now to try and rest before tomorrow nights circuit work.


Legs of Lead

My body did not want to run today. I guess I haven’t had a proper day off for a while as looking at my workout calendar it shows only three days off this month, and I know two of those were actually playground training days that I don’t put in my tracker.

After yesterday’s run I cycled to and from work, albeit slowly, and today I could feel it in my calves. The additional ballast could be due to increasing the distance from two miles to three, I suppose.

Today felt like a trudge for the first mile while my legs got going and that was reflected in my pace of 7:56. However, I did keep my heart rate mainly in the right zone. I did enjoy the run but only after I’d warmed up.

20130827-060232.jpgI think I need to plan in a rest day and see how that helps my legs, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow. Today I want to ride to the office again because it is such a nice way to start the working day; riding through Valley Forge Historical National Park is stunning at any time of day but is more magical in the early morning.