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Froze My Butt Off

Finally some wintery weather has descended in the Philly suburbs. 

A light dusting of snow arrived Friday night and then the temperatures plummeted into the low teens Fahrenheit.  

This led to some great playtime with the kids on Saturday and to a very cold run on Sunday morning. 

The actual temp listed was 13F but the real feel was 3F; so getting the right kit was imperative. 

Kit included:

  • Snowboarding socks
  • Under armour underoos (an extra layer for butt)
  • Sugoi winter leggings
  • Under armour cold weather long sleeve shirt (x2)
  • Cycling wind breaker layer (has long back pockets that also cover your butt). Make sure this is a visibility colour against snow; do not wear white or grey. 
  • Balaclava
  • Baseball cap
  • Winter mittens

10 miles later, all that froze was my butt. My face and hands were toasty. I wore my iPhone holder inside my outer layer to stop the phone from freezing up. 

I wasn’t fast but then no one would be with all those layers on. 9:07 average pace reported by Nike+. 

I’m writing this sitting on a heat pad to defrost my extremities 🙂

Tech-wise I ran with my Lumo Run device today and I got ‘in the green’ results for four of the five measured categories, with the only exception being my hip rotation. 

I used Nike+ on my Apple Watch for tracking and started it from my watch. This meant that to hear the announcement for distance and speed I had to hold the watch up to my head as the sound wasn’t routed through my headphones that were connected to my iPhone. Nike really need to get their integration worked out. 

Now to get showered before my sweat causes me to get a chill. 

Have a warm week. 


Cold Weather Running

When I headed out the door today it was 12F. Pretty darned cold by anyone’s measures. This weekend it is going to drop to -1/-2F. 

Why do I mention this? Because if you wear the right things you can still be warm. It isn’t an excuse not to run. 

I was actually slightly too warm with my clothes today and would have been comfortable down to around 5F, I believe. 

So what did I wear?

  • Baseball hat (thick material, not lightweight running version)
  • 180s sports ear warmers
  • Patagonia neck gator (fleece)
  • Under armour cold gear long sleeved compression top
  • Summer weight long sleeved running top
  • Running jacket (wind breaker) as extra layer. Ensure that neck gator tucks inside the outer jacket. Make sure it is nice and bright so you will be seen!
  • Running shorts, as these have two light layers. Standard summer versions thoug. 
  • Running tights, not winter weight. I find my legs don’t get cold (thanks hairy pegs!). These combined with the shorts stop you butt freezing. 
  • Winter weight running socks
  • Standard running shoes. 
  • Running mittens. These actually make my hands sweat! Having all your fingers in the same space make as ‘yuge’ difference to how warm these items are. 

I pull the neck gater up over my chin and the back so that it overlaps the band of the hat. This keeps it all nice in place. 

This is quite a lot of gear and if you run daily (like I generally do) you will need plenty of clothes unless you want to be doing laundry every couple of days. 

Dress well and you can run right through the PA winters. 

Stay warm my friends!

And I’ve just been informed that it is ‘Galentine’s day’ today, so enjoy that ladies. They certainly seem to be celebrating in my local Starbucks…

The Air that we Breathe

It was cold again this morning and cold air is hard to run with.

Wearing something like a balaclava or neck gaiter that allows you to breathe through the material will definately help, but only to a point. The cold air shouldn’t hurt you but some people find it tough to run and breathe easily in super cold weather like we have been experiencing lately.

Today it was an actual temp (rather than feels like) of 2F. Bloody chilly with no wind factor. I had “eyecicles” hanging from my lashes and they froze together at one point.

IMG_4328I look like a member of the special forces in this get up. There’s even frost across my forehead and ears.

Dress appropriately and you shouldn’t have an issue but it takes practice to get the number of layers right and to not be too warm after a few miles.

4.75 miles at a pace of 8:01. The mounds of snow at junctions really slow you down. That’s my excuses and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

Overdressed for 5F

The U.S. is gripped by a cold Arctic blast and we have actual temps in the single digits and real-feels going negative F today.

I made the mistake of overdressing for my run. My wife suggested I count the items that I wore: 13. This doesn’t come close to her record of 26 but was too much for this temperature.

I had:
shorts and a cold weather compression top.
Cold weather leggings plus normal leggings on top.
Ski underwear long sleeve top.
Mauna Kea Hoodie (Mmmm, comfy warm)
Ski socks (up to knees)
Hat (reflective)
Ski Gloves (too much; should have used winter running gloves)

Plus tech: phone in bag, red flashie light on hat and white knuckle light on glove.

I only went three miles but felt my eyelashes starting to freeze up. Weird. By the time I got home I was a sweaty mess as that was just too many layers. I think I could have gone with a lighter weight outer layer rather than the hoodie.

Time was slow due to faffing around with setting up phone and getting gloves on/off, and avoiding ice patches all over the place.

A message to those people that have automatic lawn sprinkler/watering systems: turn them off when there’s snow on your garden and the temps are below zero! They just create layers of ice across the snow and pathways. And it is a waste of water.

Now to get showered and ready for the day. I hope you all have a good one and can stay warm.

2015/01/img_4151.pngProof of the Temperature!