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Cold Weather Running

When I headed out the door today it was 12F. Pretty darned cold by anyone’s measures. This weekend it is going to drop to -1/-2F. 

Why do I mention this? Because if you wear the right things you can still be warm. It isn’t an excuse not to run. 

I was actually slightly too warm with my clothes today and would have been comfortable down to around 5F, I believe. 

So what did I wear?

  • Baseball hat (thick material, not lightweight running version)
  • 180s sports ear warmers
  • Patagonia neck gator (fleece)
  • Under armour cold gear long sleeved compression top
  • Summer weight long sleeved running top
  • Running jacket (wind breaker) as extra layer. Ensure that neck gator tucks inside the outer jacket. Make sure it is nice and bright so you will be seen!
  • Running shorts, as these have two light layers. Standard summer versions thoug. 
  • Running tights, not winter weight. I find my legs don’t get cold (thanks hairy pegs!). These combined with the shorts stop you butt freezing. 
  • Winter weight running socks
  • Standard running shoes. 
  • Running mittens. These actually make my hands sweat! Having all your fingers in the same space make as ‘yuge’ difference to how warm these items are. 

I pull the neck gater up over my chin and the back so that it overlaps the band of the hat. This keeps it all nice in place. 

This is quite a lot of gear and if you run daily (like I generally do) you will need plenty of clothes unless you want to be doing laundry every couple of days. 

Dress well and you can run right through the PA winters. 

Stay warm my friends!

And I’ve just been informed that it is ‘Galentine’s day’ today, so enjoy that ladies. They certainly seem to be celebrating in my local Starbucks…