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And Just Like That, Summer Arrives

After a long and enjoyable Springtime in Pennsylvania the summertime heat is finally upon us. Gone are the gentle cool morning runs through the refreshing morning air. 

Today I ran a 13 mile route along the Schuylkill River Trail, along past Reynolds Dog Park, along the shaded canal, up past Lock 60 in Phoenixville, then along the river bank to Upper Schuylkill Valley Park, around a field along a little bit of Route 113, then back down the other side of the river. 

They’ve done some really nice work on the trail up this end now. It still isn’t suitable for cyclists but most runners should be able to enjoy this. 

On the way back there was one short section where I had to climb up a stony bank close to a railway line to cross a spur of the river, but there was plenty of space and no danger (plus it is a freight line that doesn’t have too much use, especially on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend). 

Another section was through quite an overgrown Pathway that required me to slow down a couple of times as it became so thick. Time for a tick check when I get home, me thinks! (All fine).

Once I got back close to my starting point, the last half mile was across an open car park with the sun in full blaze. So, I opted to walk and found a shady route behind all the local big box stores. My final destination: the Starbucks counter in Target. Ah, sweet blessed relief by iced decaf Americano. 

I stopped off at a rest room during my run and had to take a photo of the toilet roll dispenser. I’m not sure I want to slide the door on my bottom, no matter how emphatically they propose it. 

Changing gear a little, it is Memorial weekend so a big shout out to all the Military Vets out there. Thank you for your service and for ensuring our freedoms. 

12.8 miles of steamy woodland running completed. 

This also led me to complete one of the #mapmyrun annual challenges, albeit quite a light challenge of 1000km in a year. 

I’m not sure if I posted my April mileage but it was significantly lower than previous months at just 113 miles contributing to my total of 525 for the year. It’s good to have a bit of a rest and in glad I did most of my running during the winter coolness. 

Where have these days gone? Brr. 🙂