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Recovery Time

After my long run on Sunday I spent Monday recovering. 

My morning run on Monday was quite gentle but I did introduce my friend to fartleks. His performance has recovered suitably from his time off and I thought that adding these might be a nice challenge. 

The route we run has large pylons along the side of the trail that make for good markers for the fartleks. 

After giving some warning about it I was happy that he accepted the challenge. At the next pylon we upped our pace a little. Not too much, but enough to make it more difficult. We ran to the next pylon which is quite a distance; perhaps 1/8 mile. As I said, the pylons are huge.

We did three of these through the run. Consequently we got our overall time for the route back under an hour. It is good to try something different every so often. 

We saw our friendly Skunk again as we entered Norristown. He didn’t seem to care about us. 

During Monday I over indulged somewhat as I had a team lunch and then dinner with a friend in the evening. This blew me through my calorie limit for the day but I knew that I was well down on the previous one so I wasn’t too bothered. 

On Tuesday I cycled to work for the first time in ages. It felt great to get the bike back out on the road even for that short distance. It is going to take some time for my butt to readjust to the saddle again. 

This morning (Wednesday) I ran an early six miler so that my wife could get out after me. I nearly lost my hat three times as there were powerful gusts of wind on my way out. Fortunately it was behind me for the return trip. 

All in all, the week is going well. 

Tonight I go to see my trigger point therapist for a deep sports massage. It will be painful but good…


Live Critter

After a weekend away in NYC with my wife and kids with no exercise on the agenda (other than walks around the city), it has been time to try and catch up those missing miles. 

On Monday I ran with my friend and saw my first ever live wild skunk! He just sort of wandered across the trail in front of us as nonchalant as that terrible stereotype/rapist Pepe Le Pew. He didn’t seem to care that we were there which was a good thing as he was probably only 10 feet away. 

It makes a nice change to see one alive rather than smelling them through the vents of my car as I pass roadkill. 

Tuesday I had a bad case of what I can only imagine is what depression feels like. Being a perennially cheery person to feel like I wanted to curl up and cry was rather an alien sensation. 

I’m not sure if it was due to a touch of illness or that I simply hadn’t been out running enough, but I felt very isolated and disconnected. 

My daughter was a champion though and came over and gave me some sweet hugs and let me have some space. I believe she is more emotionally tuned in at five than I am at forty five. 

The last two mornings I’ve been up early to get some runs in and feel a whole lot better now emotionally and physically. I’ve slept a lot and feel back in sync with the world. 

Today was a ten miler and I forgot to start my tracking app as I headed out the door. I only realised when I hit the halfway point. I’d been so engrossed in my podcasts (Infinite Monkey Cage and WTF! w/ Sacha Baron Cohen) that I hadn’t even noticed there were no distance announcements. 

I think I need to get another race/run on my calendar to give me a training target…