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Spontaneous Direction

Some days you wake up with a plan for where you are going to run, how far you will go and how that will fit into your day, and this is good. Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to drag your butt out of bed and move (like the morning after a wedding party, for example). Sometimes if you think to hard before you run you can persuade yourself out of it. Life gets in your head and bars the door.

But you must not allow yourself to get trapped into a particular route or run. Be flexible. Go somewhere new.

Today I was all set for a walk up to Central Park and then to run around it, but en route I found that NYC had closed down Park Avenue to cars and were policing it for runners and riders as a part of their Summer Steets campaign. Awesome. This is one of the prettiest streets in NYC and they closed it from Brooklyn Bridge to 72nd St. So I chose a direction and started running.

Again I found myself wishing I was further through my ‘unlearn’ process so that I could put in a few more miles but I don’t want to undo my good work or injure myself, so I did a little over two miles in Park Avenue Canyon with cyclists and a light stream of other runners. This gave plenty of opportunity for watching the various running styles and speeds of the participants; some were clearly in training while others were pottering along with friends catching up on gossip and talking about upcoming events. When it comes to running I think all is good. You just have to be out there doing it. It makes me happy to see so many other people doing the thing I get so much pleasure from.

It looks like the GPS on my phone was a bit wonky today (probably due to the tall buildings) so I don’t believe the two miles @ 6:59 pace it is quoting for a second. It was a fairly leisurely run so that just can’t be right.

Thanks NYC. Now I have to get showered and back home to PA to prepare for a Metric century ride out in East Lancaster with friends tomorrow.