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Building Bridges

I took a quick five mile run today and found my legs were still heavy with yesterday’s exercise.

I chose to run from the Betzwood area in Valley Forge National Historical Park as I was interested in the progress of the building of the new trail bridge, “Sullivan’s Bridge”. It is definitely coming along as they have built a temporary road halfway across the river and have started building out the footings for the supports.

I ran across the old footbridge beside it today and it is a scary, narrow, high wood-beamed affair that is strapped over the side of a road bridge. Traffic is a couple of feet from one side and a wire fence with a fifty foot drop is on the other side. Yikes. I’ll be so happy when this is replaced.

I wanted to try out a mysterious trail that I had seen people ducking down for a few years but had never had a chance to investigate. What a waste of effort! It just went under the road and then faded out at an apartment block. Boo. I know that there are plans afoot to make this into a full trail that will run fifteen miles. That will be good but it won’t be completed until September next year.

It felt good to be out as I need to exorcise some demons after kiddy tantrums the previous evening. All better now.


Washing The Track and Spinning My Legs


Last night’s track work out was very difficult. Not just because my legs are a little tired from the weekends activities, but also because it rained very, very hard. Thunder started right at the end of the session but the rain was that thick splatty rain that drenches you. Fortunately I knew about it in advance and took my goretex cycling jacket to keep me mostly dry. Only four people turned up if that’s a measure of how wet it was. It gave the track a good clean though.

The routine for the evening was 400@1 mile race pace, 200 recovery, 2x 200 @1 mile pace with 200 recovery. Then all of this was repeated three times.

This morning I went out for a gentle 4.6 miler just to spin out my legs a little. It was quite hard going and I didn’t really ever feel like I got going properly. Plus, my Brooks Dyad 7 shoes were rubbing on my left ankle.

Today the they are breaking ground on a new pedestrian bridge in Valley Forge Park; Sullivan’s Bridge. This will replace the current ramshackle wooden bridge that hangs on the side of the road bridge. It is narrow, dangerous and constantly has planks missing from the flooring so it will be good to get rid of this. The trails around here are really heavily used and providing a connector to the main park will be a big improvement. Hurrah as this is part of my cycle commute route.