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Get Back Out There

Today was the first run for a few weeks with my friend. He had taken a couple of weeks off because of the snow and moving house, but today we were back on the trail. 

His new apartment is right by the trail so we actually met up in front of the building rather than half a mile away in the parking lot.

There was still some ice patches on the trail but it has mostly melted now. 

Two weeks off had taken its toll on his running stamina though and he was struggling by the four mile point. On one interval we started walking slightly early to give him a chance to recover. 

The important thing to remember here is that it is okay to drop back in performance but that you must be gentle as you start back; don’t expect to instantly perform at your previous level. That will likely result in injury. 

Expect to have to rebuild strength for a couple of weeks as you get back out there. Yes, it is surprising how quickly your strength can fall back but it will recover. You just have to plan around that. 

Getting back out for our regular Monday run was good as it’s always nice to have a chance to catch up with a friend.