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Marathon Training Update & Nike+

Early mornings can suck sometimes. Especially when you have to run on a holiday. 

But then you come across a view like the photo above and it’s all worth it. Very few others saw this site. All of time waited for me to witness this. 

My Nike+ training plan gave me a relatively light week last week but is stepping it up this week. 

I had several speed runs last week which I still find tough to get motivated for even though only last for half an hour at the most. 

I had two speed workouts; one that was 12×200 and another that was 8×400. All with short recovery times because the mornings were chilly. 

The Nike+ Running Club app on my phone has now broken one of the nice new features! It no longer repeats the info from the phone on your Apple watch. Twice this week it crashed on the watch but kept running on the phone. In fact, it never really started up properly. 

I had to delay my Friday long run as we decided to have a family breakfast and I couldn’t run after that! So I ended up going out on Sunday morning for a 12.75 miler in the temperate weather that hit this weekend. 50F is rather surprising for February. 

Later that day, Nike+ asked me to update my run programme and when it did this it put down a 12.5 mile run for Monday too. What a cow! I think “Nicki” (my name for the voice of the Nike+ app) has got it in for me. 😦

This week is going to be tough with the 12.5 miler today, a benchmark run, a 6 mile recovery run and then an 18.5 miler on Friday. 

I’m going to have to increase my food intake as I’m starting to feel like my legs are very heavy and underpowered. 


Perception of Time

It’s dark now when I go out in the morning. Truly, properly dark. I had to use my flashlight to see the road ahead of me. Time flies by when you are having fun…

And that is the point of this post today. When I went out I felt fast, smooth, coordinated and like I was moving really well. I didn’t quite hear the stats that my phone read to me at the half mile marker, so I carried on. Still feeling strong and engaged. Then it came to the turn around point and the little voice chirps up a pace of 7:34.

What? How I can I be moving that slowly? It feels like everything is coming together. Sure the GPS is off by a few metres here and there, but I am surprised. Time to redouble my efforts for the return section which starts with a slight uphill.

So, I run harder ensuring more pushing back with my feet and pulling through with thighs. Trying to make sure my hip position is correct, etc. In the end my pace measures 7:28 so I managed to pull it back in some, but it is interesting to see how your perception of your performance may differ from what you are actually recording. Interestingly, when I look at the graph of my heart rate I can clearly see the point where I increased my efforts.

Now it’s time for the excuses: A long ride yesterday with rain all through it. I started at 7am and we were done at 2:30ish. Replaced 3 tubes, one of which was a slow puncture, found one broken cleat on my friends shoe, another friend fell off twice due to new pedal clips, one lost bottle holder and one broken reflector… But a great time was had by all despite what the weather threw at us. My legs are a little tight from being in the saddle for so long yesterday, but in honesty, they aren’t affecting me that much.

Tomorrow is another day.