Techniques Used

This page lists the techniques that I have used through this blog and the results that I found using them. I will update this as I go along so that this can be a quick reference page for people that want to know what I tried.

Introduce these things slowly and build up your ability on each in a gradual progression. See individual posts for information about how I introduced these changes.

Hips: Rotate forwards so it feels like you are pulling forward with your belly. This will move your weight more naturally over your midfoot and will help with footstrike. Your butt should not be sticking out. If it is you are rotating your hips the wrong way.

Foot-strike: changing from a heel strike to a mid-foot strike that sinks into the heel as you move through.

Push Backwards: rather than pulling you feet up, push your feet backwards once they are on the ground. This will propel you forward without expelling a lot of extra effort.

Arms: moving them in a straight line that does not cross the body. Keeping them bent with an inside angle that is less than 90 degrees. The speed that you move your arms translates into leg movements.

Butt: lightly clench cheeks as if holding a credit card between then. I know, strange but it helps to engage glutes and abs. Try it!

Hands: Light grip of fingers to palm. Like you are holding something delicate.

Cadence: Calculate strides per minute and try to increase this into the 180-200 spm range.

Metronome: Once you know your cadence, set up a metronome and ensure that you step on each beat of the metronome.

Heart Rate Zones: To calculate it measure your max heart rate and then train within various zones depending on the type if run you are doing.


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